Check valves

Check valves or one-way valves allow only one flow direction and are formed of a disc bound by a guide. When there is a negative or insufficient pressure the valve stays closed, otherwise it opens and the fluid is free to move past the sides >>

Gate valves

Gate valves are used as shut-off of pipes to convey water (raw or potable water) under pressure. They are used to intercept the flow in pipelines. They are used: for conduits of supply and distribution networks of drinking water irrigation networks fire Networks water treatment >>

Ball Valves

Ball valves are the most commonly used types of devices to intercept a flow in pipelines. Ball valves allow for full opening / closing of the flow but also, to some extent, its reduction and modulation. Items available: ASA Flanged Ball Valves (s.150, s.300, S.600, >>

Lug Butterfly Valves

Lug Butterfly valves are commonly used as intercepting instruments with an on/off function. In some sporadic cases they are used to adjust the flow in a pipe containing fluids under pressure. We deal with butterfly valves in wafer or lug type, with different types of seal >>

Forged valves

Forged valves are commonly used where you need a special shape at high pressures and high temperatures. Our experience in the supply of forged valves ensures high quality standards and seals. The forged valves are available as gate valves, check valves.